Online Casino Payment Methods

Savanna King Slots

Sure. Most online casinos permit you to play demo versions of slot games so you can get the feel of them, but if you wish to win real money, you have to lay real cash down on the table. Don’t worry. Online Casinos have your back covered with this method.

So Many Ways To Get In

Most if not every online casino offers the traditional credit cards to get into the exciting game action. Visa and MasterCard are the primary card options to get through the door. Depending on the online casino, they might offer American Express and Discover Card, but more than likely, it will be Visa and MasterCard. But before you can jump and use the credit cards, you must go through the online casino’s protocol to have the credit cards approved. Please remember that this is a lengthy process, so we recommend that you get going with the credit card authorization as soon as you become a member. On the flip side, the sky is the limit for what you can do once you get approval. Most online casinos process credit card deposits for free, but some might incur transaction fees. Please read the particular online casino’s casino options to learn how to use them. An additional bonus for using credit cards is that the debit card equivalents are more than likely available, free of charge. So, as you can see, there is immense power for using credit cards at the online casino. Going the extra mile, particularly online casinos, might indulge in using prepaid cards as options. You guessed it, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express lead the way for prepaid cards.

E-Wallets To The Rescue

In recent years, more online casinos now incorporated e-wallets. The benefits of e-wallets are immense, but above all, they are free to use. In addition, E-wallets are easy to set up. Neteller and Skrill, for example, allow you to set up an account online quickly. The next step using them is to transfer some funds into this e-wallet. This method provides some protection if you don’t want to share your personal bank details to be seen. There are many e-wallets for International residents that serve the same function.

Bitcoin And Crypto Currencies

Today, it is hard to imagine an online casino that doesn’t use some form of cryptocurrency to meet its needs. Bitcoin remains the main event and the champion of the cryptocurrencies, but numerous new kids on the block, work the same function. To get started with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you need a Bitcoin wallet to use them. There are several unique and compelling Bitcoin wallets on the market, so you must do some internet research to find the appropriate one. Other essential cryptocurrencies include Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dodge.

Deposit Vouchers

The world of getting into the online casino game is a wide one. Now you can add deposit vouchers to that list. With a deposit voucher, you can finance it with other means to protect your sensitive information. Only select online casinos use vouchers.

Deposit Promotions

Online casinos often have promotions to encourage using specific deposit options. Bitcoin tends to garner the most promotions. For example, it is common to find exclusive welcome bonuses for using Bitcoin or an additional bonus for using Bitcoin on top of the regular Bitcoin bonus. The same is true for the other cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin, it is not uncommon to find booster promotions for using major credit cards.

When It Is Time To Get Paid

Every online casino offers withdrawal options, with some offering more than others. Some online casinos allow credit cards as a withdrawal option, but they come with a transaction fee, while others use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Depending on the online casino, you might be able to use a bank transfer or a traditional paper check.