Real Time Gaming Slots

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When you get a group of qualified players and critics around the table to discuss the top gaming engines, Real-Time Gaming is frequently at the top of that list, and for a good reason. There are many attributes and reasons why Real-Time Gaming deserves to be on top of the slot gaming throne. One of those reasons is due to it being a pioneer in the modern-day five-reel slots. This is followed up by superb bonus rounds, intricate soundtracks, progressive jackpots, and extreme scalability and flow on mobile devices.

Meet The Top Real-Time Gaming Slots

We've only just begun to break down the door to welcome you into the Real-Time Gaming library. Some of the top slot games worthwhile are the Bubble Bubble series. With the recent release of Bubble Bubble 3, this trifecta firmly cements the beautiful and bountiful witches' legacy that continues to grace the reels for bonus rounds and triple winning multipliers.

Prepare To Clothesline The Competition With Lucha Libre

Real-Time broke new ground with its body-slamming and super popular franchise, Lucha Libre. Taco Malo is the people's hero and champion, and he gladly takes on all newcomers to the roar and satisfaction of the crowd. This means extra bonus rounds for you, including the phenomenal time to rumble bonus round where you get to pick the appropriate finishing move to body slam and finish the competition. Lucha Libre also exemplifies the greatness of Real-Time Gaming's interactivity and soundtrack play.

Interaction Exemplifies Real-Time Gaming's Greatness

Real-Time Gaming goes above and beyond the call of duty when crafting slot games. The new breed of games features this interactive measure where the user has to interact with some feature, particularly the bonus round. The Cash Bandits series of slots embodies the best of Real-Time Gaming's interactivity. Cash Bandits is a trilogy of cops and robbers where the bank robber is the hero. Each game features him staying ahead of the determined arm of law enforcement. The hallmark of these games is the break the vault bonus round. Each game requires you to interact with keypads to swiftly and correctly break the code to the bank vaults. Each Cash Bandits game delivers the goods with this bonus round and dramatically increases the number of free spins to go with the winning multiplier. Asian games continue to be the headliner and major draw to Real-Time Gaming's success. Jackie Chan is a primary reason for this success, and it continues to be that way with a host of games that back the power and legacy of Caishe, the Chinese folklore God Of Wealth. The Asgard Deluxe and classic Asgard Game helped usher in the interactive greatness of Real-Time Gaming. Asgard Deluxe is an intelligent blend of breathtaking graphics to go with a cinematic soundtrack and epic bonus rounds. Real-Time Gaming uses this game along with Achilles Deluxe to bring you an unreal, surreal, and above all, rewarding game experience where you get to cash in on the power and glory of Asgard. And in the case of Achilles Deluxe, The Trojan War has never been more lucrative as you get to fight all the battles and win large.

Real-Time Gaming Hits The Jackpot

Real-Time Gaming excels in the progressive jackpot category. This notion alone continues to propel Real-Time Gaming in elite territory and status with a bevy of progressive jackpot games that continue to draw players into the fold to this day. Cleopatra is one such game as his Caesar's Empire. Both of these legacy Real-Time Gaming slot games broke the barrier of progressive jackpots with jackpot meters to showcase your progress.

Real-Time Gaming Ushers In Six Reels

Not staying pay with the five-reel games, Real-Time Gaming is turning its attention to the burgeoning six-reel section. While this list isn't great yet, it is bound to grow. With six reels, the winning combinations vastly increase in your favor. Richie Valens and The Big Bopper are some of the top games in the growing six-reel sphere that introduces a whomping 720 pay lines and extra bonus rounds.

Mobile Ready Slots

Real-Time Gaming continues to scale and shape its games in the likeness of mobile play. Whether you are playing Real-Time Gaming on an Android or Apple device or a laptop, Real-Time Gaming shines and rises to the occasion.