Online Slots Tournaments

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The sky is the limit when it comes to the marvelous and rewarding slot tournaments. Some online casinos let you have at it by playing your preferred slot game alone. In contrast, other online casinos permit you to take your slot game endeavors to higher levels by competing against others through elite slot tournaments.

Breaking Down Slot Tournaments

The online casino might offer rewarding daily tournaments, weekly tournaments, monthly tournaments, or all of the above. The first order of tournament business is checking the internet for the latest and greatest slot tournaments that are going on. If the online casino supports them, chances are it will boldly and proudly display the latest winners along with the buy-in amount and, of course, the beautiful jackpot that awaits you.

Entering A Fantastic Slot Tournament

Now that you have a little background and understanding about slot tournaments, the next move is how do you enter them? Depending on the online slot tournament, you might be able to them free of charge thanks to the fabulous free-roll feature. As the name implies, you can either find a free roll promotion through the website or through third-party means, or it might simply be applied. But most of these online tournaments require you to enter some sort of fee. Don’t worry. Most of these online slot tournament fees aren’t expensive, with some only requiring a few dollars to enter for entry.

Online Slot Tournaments Deliver Some Fantastic Jackpots

Yes, this is true. It’s amazing how far a few dollars might take you. But, again, depending on the online slot tournament, the jackpot might be hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, or a percentage of the jackpot.

What Are Some Of The Best Online Slot Tournaments?

We’re glad you asked that question because there are more online slot tournaments than you think. Wager Gaming Software casinos usually have many slot tournaments. Take, for example, Red Stag Casino, where you have numerous online tournaments like the Big Yule Marathon, where over $3,000 is at stake. The beauty of this online tournament is that you only need five dollars to join the holiday festivities. The game of honor for this excellent tournament is Arctic Queen. Red Stag continues to thrill and amaze with the rewarding and bountiful Santa’s Party Free Roll that is free to enter but yields a $7,000 jackpot. Lincoln Casino isn’t too far behind with its rewarding and sensational Tannebaum tournament. The game that brings home the fabulous $2,000 jackpot is Cleopatra’s Pyramid, the animated sequel to the popular Cleopatra slot game. The buy in for this festive and fun-loving tournament is only $5, and the same is true for the re-buy should you lose. Drake Casino continues to shoot for the stars with its phenomenal Take Santa’s Shop tournament. If you have the gall and the gaming prowess to be the last person standing, you might walk away with $25,000 worth of prizes. This fine tournament only costs $5 to enter. Take Santa’s Shop is the brilliant Betsoft sequel to Take The Bank. This off-kilter holiday classic once more features the vaulted bank robber in pursuit of extra wards inside the bank. Once again, players enjoy the unique ten-round countdown where you get to experience the bomb wilds. Staying true to the holiday theme, Drake Casino also offers the Stay Frosty tournament, where players get to play out for weekly rewards up to $1,500 for getting into the Christmas spirit. Please continue to check back at the tournament section often to find additional Drake tournaments. Who knows, you just might find your name on the leader board.