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No matter how fancy and inviting an online casino is, it doesn't mean a thing if it doesn't have the right online casino software. An online casino software, or in other terms, a developer, has a lot to accomplish. The day's first order is to develop a slot, table, or specialty game that will draw players into the online casino's mist. Before the explosion of HTML5, most of the online casino software companies relied heavily on flash technology. Flash technology preserves the vital gaming details so players can enjoy their preferred game directly online, or you can download these intricate games to your computer. As HTML5 technology blossomed, more of these online casinos switched to this new technology. It caused a proliferation of new and exciting online casino developers, some of which we will mention in this delicate and engaging article. Let's discover the power and splendor of the right and prolific online casino software together.

Wager Gaming Software

Back in online casinos' early and glory days, Wager Gaming Software stood supreme as arguably the undisputed champion of a small group of online casino software companies. Wager Gaming Software was one of the first online companies to introduce us to three-reel games and progressive jackpots. Today, the popularity and legacy of Wager Gaming Software carry on with a legion of new online casinos that proudly use it as an online casino software platform. Wager Gaming Software also took the initiative to develop table games. Classic blackjack continues to experience a gaming renaissance, and several of its budding siblings like Atlantic City Blackjack. Wager Gaming Software also popularized video poker titles, many of which are graciously available and celebrated throughout its legion of online casinos. Another nod to Wager Gaming Software lies with its phenomenal daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. Most Wager Gaming Software Casinos have a unique tournament section with up to the minute details of the latest tournaments, winners, and those that are upcoming.

Real-Time Gaming Rides High

A major contemporary and an elite online casino company that is still around is Real-Time Gaming. Real-Time Gaming Software burst onto the casino scene with promising three-reel games like Wager Gaming software. Many of these single-reel games continue to endure for today's generation to enjoy as well. Real-Time Gaming is perhaps the only online casino software that continues to make new three-reel games with today's five-reel spin. The results of these types of games are awesome, with additional winning possibilities. These same three-reel games benefit from having progressive jackpots and bonus rounds, the type that you'd find in five-reel games. Real-Time Gaming took the ball and continues to take the slot ball rolling with elegant and visually-stunning five-reel games. In fact, many of its games continue to set the bar for modern-day slot game excellence with extreme attention to detail and devotion to specific game themes. Some of the prominent Real-Time Gaming themes include Oriental games and holiday style games. Real-Time Gaming continues to separate itself from the field by ushering in the new and exciting six-reel section. Yes, you heard correctly, Real-Time Gaming expands its gaming muscle with these phenomenal and rewarding titles like The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens. The emerging six-reel games take grandiose pay lines to a brand new level, with many of these games featuring pay lines well over 700, and in some cases, over 1,000 like some of the five-reel games. In addition, real-Time Gaming also throws his hat into the rewarding world of table games.

Bovada Enters The Mix

Bovada is a complete brand and a famous powerhouse among online casinos. So far, we've touched on prolific online casino software companies that work their magic on slot games, and Bovada excels in this arena too, but it goes one step further with its unique brand of poker games. Bovada uses its own proprietary language to craft some of the most unique and rewarding poker games that you'll find online. This has many advantages, including crafting poker-friendly promotions and a haven for elite poker tournaments that quickly grow into millions of dollars of guaranteed money. Bovada serves the hat trick by specializing in online sports betting. Bovada extends its proprietary software to encompass the rewarding world of professional and collegiate sports. Bovada Casino also takes care of the horse racing.

Betsoft Arrives At The Scene

We are in the glorious era of masterful five-reel games. We mentioned how Real-Time Gaming continues to raise the bar for epic five-reel games, and Betsoft is up to the challenge. The visual detail for Betsoft games are through the roof, and they specialize in hyperactive slot gameplay. The bonus round involved with Betsoft games is genuine and bountiful, and as a result, there is a legion of Betsoft online casinos that are proudly accepting global players.