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Bitcoin continues rising to the occasion through a myriad of crypto wallets compatible with an array of online casinos. Bitcoin deserves much praise and acclaim because it has come a long way since it first made its debut on the online scene. Today, there is a legion of online casinos that are Bitcoin only or use similar cryptocurrencies. This article breaks down the power of Bitcoin and how to use them for online casinos.

What Exactly Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin's claim to fame is one of the first digital cryptocurrencies to hit the market. Today is widely traded across the stock market and foreign stock markets. Bitcoin runs on proprietary blockchain technology, so your sensitive information is safely encrypted. To interact with Bitcoin, you must install a Bitcoin wallet on your chosen device. Bitcoin is so versatile that it works on home computers or smart devices.

What Are The Top Bitcoin Wallets?

Bitcoin offers a stunning array of online wallets to choose from. Some of the top Bitcoin wallets include Exodus, Electrum, and several versions of the Ledger Nano. There is a host of worthy Bitcoin wallets to choose from, so some internet research is in order for you to find the best option to suit your gaming needs.

After your selection, the next move is to install the preferred Bitcoin wallet on your device and convert some funds into Bitcoin. Converting funds into Bitcoin is a relatively straightforward process, so it is not that big of a stretch to do so. Of course, you can always mine for Bitcoin or pay others to mine Bitcoin on your behalf. The next move is to register at your preferred online casino, or if you have already done so, choose Bitcoin as your option. The rest, they say, is up to you.

Bitcoin Promotions

Due to Bitcoin's surging popularity, Bitcoin now has many promotions to get new members through the doors and to reward established members for continuing to use Bitcoin. Some of the top Bitcoin promotions continue to be Bovada Casino's Bitcoin welcome bonus. Bovada's Bitcoin welcome bonus is off the charts. It breaks down to a majestic $3,000 plus feature where you can quickly get into all the magnificent table game action.

Similarly, if you want to get into the sportsbook arena, Bovada Casino delivers a resounding $750 worth of Bitcoin money to gamble on your favorite team or sports league. Remember, Bovada Casino is rich in sports leagues, including the North American companies.

Other popular Bitcoin promotions are available at Ignition Casino, where you get paid more to tell a friend. That's right, for every friend that you tell, Ignition Casino puts its money where its mouth is by giving you an extra $25 on top of the 200% matching bonus. And as an extra thank you for using Bitcoin, Ignition Casino offers a dynamite 100% matching bonus for using Bitcoin. By the way, there are other popular cryptocurrencies to use here at Ignition Casino.

The Elite Bitcoin Casinos

At the beginning of this Bitcoin article, we told you that Bitcoin is so popular and vast that there is a legion of Bitcoin casinos. Some of the top Bitcoin casinos include Fortune Jack, where the sky is the limit for making your personal fortune. In addition to accepting the regular Bitcoin option, Fortune Jack proudly accepts other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum.

Fortune Jack has worthy competition with 7 Bit Casino as well as BitStarz Casino. Both of these mega online casinos proudly accept Bitcoin and the other top cryptocurrencies to move the ball rolling.